Alternative Space "Q SO-KO" run by SEASUN will open on March 11, 2023 !!

We will open a new alternative space “Q SO-KO” by renovating a former warehouse (=旧倉庫 [kyu-so-ko]).

Q SO-KO is a former warehouse shared by SEASUN and Miracle Factory. The workshop and storage of Miracle Factory, an art installer team, and an alternative space run by SEASUN, which implements exchange projects through art and culture with Southeast Asia, will cohabit in the warehouse. We aim to create a place where various creators can gather, exchange, and experiment, and a place where people can encounter Southeast Asian art and culture and cherish its diversity.

Space design and construction by Miracle Factory (Kazumasa Aoki, Yuji Kodama)
Logo design by Prabda Yoon

The space that used to house the office in the warehouse has been torn down, the floor and ceiling have been stripped, and the professionals are working to transform it into a space for exhibitions and events!

We are preparing the opening project to be unveiled on Saturday, March 11, 2023. Stay tuned!